Meet our Legal Team


Alex learned trial skills by working as a Prosecutor for King County, and in 2006 he became a member of a large downtown Seattle law firm.  Alex has been appointed as Special Counsel to a United States Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee.  He has also been repeatedly named a Rising Star with Super Lawyers Magazine and is an AVVO-rated "Superb 10.0" lawyer.”  He also worked for Bryant Christie and the US Apple Association in Washington, D.C. 

 Alex studied at Jerusalem University in Israel, completed undergraduate studies from Seattle Pacific University, and finished his legal education at Seattle University School of Law where he was the Graduation Speaker.  But he is also known for appearing on Donald Trump’s television show, the Apprentice, where Alex finished in the final four.

Alex is currently founder of Thomason Law & Justice with offices in Brewster and Seattle.

Did the DNR Let the Fires Burn?

forest-fire.jpgWhy did the DNR ignore fires for days, abandon contained fires, watch fire consume homes, literally play card games while land owners begged for help? Why does the DNR get paid taxes to fight fire on private property but refused to do so during then firestorm? Why did the DNR block people from protecting their own homes? Why does the DNR get paid money the longer a fire burns? Why doesn't the DNR stop fires when they are small; like the US Forest Service does?